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Ghaziabad is a rapid developing city with sky scrapers, large Colonies, Hospitals, Colleges and malls. The urban areas of Ghaziabad include Indirapuram, Vaishali, Kaushambi, Vasundhra, Surya Nagar and the old and richer area with big houses rather than apartment including Kavi Nagar Raj Nagar and Ghantaghar. It is gateway to Uttar Pradesh form Delhi. Ghaziabad is part of National Capital Region or NCR.
Ghaziabad is a modern city with vast majority of inhabitants from other parts of Indian coming here for benefitting from new opportunity that the city offers. They come here for setting up businesses or in seeking employment. Large amount of money is invested in real estates and infrastructure business. Thus Ghaziabad is on move with its pros and cons but is a strained city and society.
Experienced Private Detective Agents of First Indian Detective Agency are expert in providing Professional Private Investigation Services in Ghaziabad in private cases and corporate affairs.
Our Private Investigators understand the complexities of a city in momentum and flux. They are highly skilled to unearth information that is hidden or withheld with ulterior motives in personal and corporate cases
Personal cases are basically related to individual or family matters. They are generally of pre-matrimonial, post-matrimonial, property disputes, tracing missing persons, adultery, and court cases related to dowry, child custody, maintenance, divorce, etc. We also do criminal association checks on the subjects and provide you with proofs like documents, audio/video files and photographs.
In pre matrimonial cases our private investigation company give you complete information of would be spouse. The information generally is regarding family background check, family reputation, financial position of family, education and work verification, previous and present affairs, broken marriages, bad habits, addictions, asset verifications, etc.
In corporate cases Private Detective Agencies in Ghaziabad provide services related to business viability, profitability, etc by doing due diligence exercise and inquiries. If you are being cheated by your partner then our expert investigation services will find the truth for you to confront him with proofs. Many companies are interested in tie-ups with existing companies in India. Many of such concerns are bogus or are just on papers. Our professional detective agents will see through it and advice you with real ground position.
We also look after industrial disputes regarding labor strife, IPR violations, directorship disputes, pilferages, etc.
Authentic Private Detective Agencies are in position to provide you evidences that help in court cases and litigations. Availing our detective services is the most important step and will prove a crucial turning point while taking any decision. It is a cost effective and confidential tool that will save you time, effort and money. In the end you will be pleased to have information that helps in solving your problem.
We also do “sting operations”, shadowing a suspect and inquiries, etc to gain insight of a case. All the information collected is confidential property of clients. Its use is sole prerogative of our clients.

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