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About Personal Investigation Services in Delhi, India

Personal Investigation means any inquiry by any person to obtain factual or Investigative information from any source other than the subject with a view to entering into or amending an agreement with the subject or credit, insurance, employment or tenancy, whether the information is transmitted immediately in a personal report or compiled in a personal file.

Under Personal Investigation services, personal background checks, asset checks, investigations on spouse, elder welfare, child custody and missing person related services are offered.
There is all sorts of investigation like personal background check which includes information such as age, marital status, address history, criminal prosecutions or convictions, debt problems, bankruptcies, tax liens, driving record can be obtained, are they suing others or have they been sued in the past.

Other Personal Investigation Services in India:

Personal Asset Check which is used to reveal the financial profile of an individual or business. These searches can help one find hidden family assets of the individual or business one is pursuing. A Private investigator is required to help uncover hidden and assets which are hard to find.
When one faces divorce, they are complicated, sensitive and sometimes dangerous; depending on the nature of the divorce investigation. Personal Investigation provides one with divorce related investigations such as evidence on infidelity, child custody issues, income/ financial/ asset details as required in maintenance/ alimony claims, medical records, earlier divorce documents, etc.
When it comes to legal proceeding, it’s usually necessary to gather evidence to prove one’s case. Although in many instances the information gathered in a divorce investigation is for no other reason than to provide the client with peace of mind, the evidence collected is often used in court proceedings. A spouse at the time of divorce tends to hide assets in effort to avoid splitting them. As part of divorce investigation, investigator investigates a spouse finances and discover hidden assets such as bank accounts, unreported incomes, hidden/ undisclosed assets and more. Getting evidence on gainful employment is usually required in most of the cases which is later on produced in court. Evidences, along-with the investigation report, is acceptable in the court.
One may feel suspicious about the person you are seeing, like he never told you his home phone number, maybe she avoids introducing you to her friends, maybe you don’t even know where he lives, or worry that he might be lying to you about being divorced or one just wants to be sure about the person they are about to marry. Matrimonial investigation services provide all such services. It is wise to have a background investigation conducted for oneself so that one is protected and to make sure one knows everything they can about his/her partner before committing his/her life to that person.
There are also post marriage investigations, if one feels suspicious about their partner that they are hiding something or might have an affair with somebody else, then Post marriage investigation services are provided. Family Backgrounds are to be checked then personal investigations are provided. Under criminal cases also, to find who the real culprit is, personal investigations are required.


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