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Private Investigation Services Before and During Marriage

We are pleased to offer personal investigation services to concerned people who wish to glean factual information about their fiancée or who suspect that their spouse may be unfaithful. As the finest detective agency in New Delhi we provide evidence in the form of documents, videos, and audio files which are admissible as proof in court, should the need for the same arise.

What We Can Do For You

Our actions will result in the accumulation of new factual information that will help you in your decision making process. To aid us in our role as information gatherers we utilize the latest available technology such as micro cameras and long range listening devices among others.

3. Our Services and Abilities At Your Fingertips

Our expertise extends to the following areas
• Background checks on a potential life partner, fiancée
• Investigating and reporting on the behavior of a current spouse
• Helping our clients win a gridlocked divorce case in court
• Investigating cases of domestic violence
Our skilled investigators inquire discreetly and if required will inquire about and shadow a subject, whether they are your fiancée or your spouse.

Know The Person You’re About To Marry

In today’s day and age it is necessary to know as much as possible about a person before committing to them for life. It is our experience that factual information about that special someone before marriage leads to greater happiness for both partners and their families in the long run
We conduct the following background checks when asked to investigate your potential life partner.
• The authenticity of the individual’s degrees, diplomas or other academic credentials
• Employment history of the person
• The assets possessed by the individual
• A background check to ascertain whether the person is of sound moral character

An Unfaithful Life Partner

However distressing it may be, if you suspect your spouse of infidelity, by capturing images or recordings of your spouse and his or her lover you gain an immense advantage in court should you file for divorce or pursue any other legal action against them. Detectives who are hired to investigate cases of adultery look for signs that your spouse has been unfaithful whether you had • A traditional marriage • A love marriage • Whether you are having problems after a love marriage • Whether you met your partner online. An unhappy marriage can lead to real or spurious court cases. These cases take a financial toll as well, such as may be in case of genuine or fictitious dowry cases or 498A cases. When you are faced with such a gridlock, we provide you with the evidence necessary to win the legal battle in court


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