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Divorce Case Investigation Services in Delhi, India

Whether you and your partner have drifted apart or whether you were never right for each other from the beginning, going through a divorce can be traumatic under any circumstances, particularly when there are young children involved. Due to the sensitivity of such situations where many feelings and emotions are often involved, seeking the right help during such time can alleviate a great deal of distress.

Whatever May Be Your Reason to Divorce

Once however you have decided that you have no other recourse but to take such a drastic step you want the entire process to pass as quickly as possible and move on in life.

How Our Role as Investigators Will Help

We conduct divorce investigation on behalf of our clients. Often in divorce cases there is a great deal of mudslinging and foul practices may be carried out against you by others, perhaps even by your former partner. We have highly trained divorce detectives who strive to arm you with the tools and the proofs you may need in a court of law so that you rightfully get everything that you deserve.

We Serve to Empower and Protect Our Clients

As often happens in divorce cases, you may require the services of a divorce lawyer and also need to make numerous court appearances as well. Our investigation shall reveal any hidden assets your partner may have to which you too have a legal claim. In addition if there is evidence of domestic abuse or domestic violence from your partner directed at you we shall provide you with proof of the same which will be admissible in a court of law.
Our services shall greatly help you build a water tight case in court and go a long with in ensuring you get a favorable judgement in court as well.

Our Expert Detectives

Unlike many other detective agencies we recognize the importance of subtly and understand sensitive cases such as divorce may at times be best served using the services of lady detective or female detectives in order to get a suitable outcome for our client.
A female detective can cross numerous social obstacles and situations with far greater ease than a man ever can. As one of the leading ladies detective agency we understand that there are numerous situations where a lady detective is far more formidable at gaining the trust and confidence of strangers than a man. As such we have numerous female detectives who are just as well trained detectives as any man.

Our Services at Your Fingertips

Once employed by a customer we carry out services on their behalf such as

  • Round the clock surveillance of an individual all across the country as well as overseas
  • Monitoring and can scrutinizing any financial transactions that an individual may make
  • Conducting background checks on any person.
  • Investigation of any third party
  • Collecting of legal evidence
  • Making Audio and Video recordings of individuals

Conclusion of Our Services
Upon the conclusion of our services we provide you with all the evidence you require to get the settlement you need.
We Help You in Court
As a part of our services we also provide our customers with the opportunity to hire a divorce lawyer.


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